How to Choose Your Wedding Invitation

"Delightfully Damask"Maybe you’ve grown up with the vision of a formal church wedding followed by an elaborate country club reception, but you’ve already practiced the fine art of compromise because your fiancé is an outdoor enthusiast who dreamed of a less formal ceremony by his favorite lake. You’ve settled on something in between, and you’re ready to announce the specifics to your family and closest friends.

Although etiquette still offers guidelines to simplify the process and make everyone feel at ease, there are more invitation options than ever before. The savvy bride knows this is definitely a task to start sooner rather than later!

Start the process of choosing your invitation by selecting a paper color, if that element is most important to you, keeping in mind that the shade of the paper will play a vital role in the total look of your invitation. Variations in colors in the white tonal family, in order of brightness include bright white, soft white, traditional white and ecru.

Ink colors vary and there are myriad choices from black, which is considered the most formal, to a color that matches your wedding theme or coordinates with your invitation’s trim color. You  may even prefer that the body of your invitation be in one color/font while having your names in another color/font.

Daytime or evening, traditional or contemporary, the style and formality of your celebration will help decide the look of your wedding invitation. The perfect invitation will mirror the tone of your wedding and ultimately, your personality.

Take a look at the invitations below and you can probably imagine the type of wedding it will be just by looking at the style of the invitation.

"Nautical Beauty"Nautical Beauty” – For a beach or nautical wedding
"Garden Romance"Garden Romance” – For a garden or outdoor wedding
"Celebrate"Celebrate” – For an informal, contemporary or rustic wedding
"Delightfully Damask"Delightfully Damask” – For a formal or evening wedding

Once you are ready to make your final selection, if you need help understanding invitation wording, be sure to check out our three-part series of blog posts that explains each line of the invitation. The links below will take you to the posts.

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