Advice at a Glance – Wedding Invitation Wording – Part 2

Q. I’m confused about how to punctuate our wedding invitations properly.
A comma will be used in the date line and before the words “junior,” and the usual punctuation will be included with the titles “Mr.” and “Mrs.” Otherwise, no punctuation should appear on the invitation.

Q. How should an invitation to a noon wedding read?
you may simply say “at twelve o’clock,” or “at twelve o’clock in the afternoon” if you feel it needs clarification.

Q. None of the typical wording examples seem to apply to our particular situation. Is it acceptable to create our own wording?
Of course you are not bound by these choices. Used by generations of brides, wording examples are just etiquette’s way of dealing with a variety of family situations in the most tasteful way possible. If you do decide to write the wording for your own invitation, simply use your best judgment, keeping the format simple and tasteful.

Q. My fiancé is a “junior” but we are not sure how to handle this on our invitation. Is the word always abbreviated?
The word “junior” is most commonly written out on wedding invitations, but it may be abbreviated if your names are lengthy and you are short on space. If you abbreviate, begin with an uppercase “J,” but if you write out the word “junior,” it should begin with a lowercase letter. In either case, it should be preceded by a comma as in the following examples:
Brian Daniel Miller, junior
Brian Daniel Miller, Jr.

Q. My groom has been married before, but this is my first marriage. Is it proper for my parents to issue the invitation?
An invitation to a second wedding usually reflects the bride’s previous marital status, not the groom’s. If she is marrying for the first time but it is his second marriage, the invitation may still be issued by the bride’s parents. If the bride has been married before or if both are entering their second marriage, they may issue the invitation themselves.

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