A Step-By Step Guide to Your Wedding Invitation Wording – Part 1

Although the basics of wedding invitations haven’t changed much over the years, family situations have become more complex than ever. Ceremony and reception locations have also become more varied as couples plan celebrations that truly reflect their personalities.

When it comes to the actual invitation wording, etiquette has softened a bit with the times, but it still offers comfortable ways to work through difficult family situations that may arise. Perhaps your parents are divorced but still plan to host the reception together, or maybe the two of you want to issue the invitation yourselves. If so, you’ll need to know how to put it in writing.

The beauty of the following step-by-step advice is that it guides you through every line of your invitation. With the proper wording to reflect your own situation, you an finalize the who, when, and where of one of the most memorable days of your life.

Doctor and Mrs. Robert John Williams
invitational line

request the honour of your presence
request line

at the marriage of their daughter
request line

Sarah Anne
bride’s name

joining word
[use “and” for a Jewish wedding, some Catholic ceremonies
and as an option for all situations.]

Mr. Brian Daniel Miller, junior
groom’s name    

Saturday, the fourth of June
date line

Two thousand and twelve
year line

at half after five o’clock
time line

Church of Christ

Chicago, Illinois
location address

See Part 2 for more  ….

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