Wedding Tips – The Formality of the Event

Many elements contribute to the style of your wedding, including the expected size of your guests list, where you plan to marry and your personality as a couple. You’ll know from the start if the two of you favor the elegance and tradition of a church wedding with a reception in a grand ballroom, or a more casual setting such as a garden, an art museum or by the sea. The time of day you marry will also affect the degree of formality.

Seated dinners are decidedly more formal, while a buffet is perfect for more informal weddings or a setting where you want guests to mingle throughout several rooms. A buffet can be easily designed to accommodate a large guest list, with duplicate stations arranged on each side of the room.

Another point to consider if having a seated dinner is whether or not to have a choice of entrees. It’s considerate to provide a vegetarian choice if you know you have guests who would prefer that. It’s also nice to balance a beef entrée with a choice of chicken or fish. If you opt for a beef entrée. suggest that the caterer prepare a seafood appetizer for variety.

Taking a close look at the guest list is helpful, too. Would most of your guests feel more comfortable with assigned seating and waiters serving the meal? If so, that signals a seated presentation might be better.

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