Wedding Invitations – Top 10 Tips

Nothing is a more regal proclamation of your love than an elegant invitation. It’s also the first glimpse guests will have of the style of celebration you’ve planned. Keep these tips in mind as you choose every element of your wedding stationery.

1.  Spell out words such as Doctor, Junior and Avenue.

2.  Spell out middle names

3.  Spell out the date, as in “fifth of July” rather than “July 5”. Use “half after six” rather than “6:30”.

4.  Use the joining word “and” on a line by itself ONLY when joining the bride’s and groom’s names.

5.  Use the phrase “honour” of your presence” only when you are having  your ceremony in a house of worship; otherwise, use “pleasure of your company.”

6.  Include a name on your invitation (such as a stepparent) when in doubt. You won’t regret being gracious.

7.  Keep in mind that lettering size depends on the number of lines you request and the amount of space available.

8.  If you are including copy in the bottom corner of your invitation, limit the length to one line. Choose a separate card if you need to provide more information.

9.  Take a sample invitation and enclosure to the post office to be weighed for the proper amount of postage.

10.  Mail your invitations four to six weeks before the wedding. Send a Save-the-Date card if you want your guests to reserve the date far in advance.

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  • alan

    Your advice is very simple clear well suited for most brides. One question though, why does the idea of spelling out “Dr.” persist? If we do not spell out “Mister” why would we spell out “Dr.”?
    If it’s based on years of education or kind gentle bedside manner…many, “Mr.s” may qualify as well….certainly many, “Dr.s probably believe they are somehow more worthy than we mere, “Mr.s”

    June 26, 2011 at 10:47 pm