Wedding Invitations – How to start the process

Because brides have so many questions regarding wedding invitations, we will be covering this topic in a five-part series of blog posts. 

There’s nothing quite as magical as the anticipation that surrounds a wedding. The simple mention that someone’s engaged evokes thoughts of romantic melodies, fragrant flowers, and fabulous gown almost too perfect for mere mortals. And nothing heightens the anticipation of such a romantic occasion more than the arrival of a beautiful invitation, a true favorite of all wedding traditions.

It is widely believed that nobles in the Middle Ages were the first to purchase finely printed invitations. Penned in exquisite calligraphy and hand-delivered, most were created by monks — the record-keepers of the day — and were beautiful works of art in their own right. Although hand delivery is rare these days, the arrival of an elegant invitation can still cause quite a stir.

Above all, a beautiful invitation sets the tone for the romantic celebration you’re planning. Creating your perfect invitation can be easy and one of the first choices you’ll want to make is the color of paper and ink.

Start the process of choosing your invitation by selecting a paper color, if that element is most important to you, keeping in mind that the shade of the paper will play a vital role in the total look of your invitation. Variations in colors in the white tonal family, in order of brightness include bright white, soft white, traditional white and ecru. Ink colors vary and there are myriad choices from black, which is considered the most formal, to a color that matches your wedding theme. You  may even prefer that the body of your invitation be in one color while having your names in another color.

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