Wedding Invitations – Instructions for assembling & Addressing

Assembling Your Invitation

The wedding stationery is assembled in order of size, starting with the invitation. Remember that enclosure cards are stacked on top of the invitation, never inside if you have a folder-style invitation.

Here’s  how to  assemble your components …

Place the reception card on top of the invitation.

Next, place the envelope for the reply card face down on the reception card.

The reply card is slipped beneath the flap of the reply envelope. If you have any other enclosures, add them to the stack face up in order of their size.

Insert the invitations into the inner envelope with the lettering facing the back of the envelope. You can be assured the envelope is correctly stuffed if you can read the invitation without turning it when removed with the right hand.

Finally, put the inner envelope in to the outer envelope. The front of the inner envelope faces the back of the outer envelope.

Addressing Your Invitation

When it’s time to address envelopes, remember that poor penmanship can spoil the entire look of the invitation. That’s why many brides hire a professional calligrapher to address the envelopes. Resist the temptation to use computer-generated labels.

It is no longer a hard-and-fast rule that middle names be included on the outer envelope. Many people only use a middle initial and they may be addressed that way on your invitation. Abbreviations, however, are not used except in the case of “Mr.,”, “Mrs.,” “Dr” or “”Lt.” combined with “Colonel”, etc. Where street numbers were once written out, it’s now perfectly acceptable to use numerals for ease in postal delivery, and to utilize the two-letter abbreviations for states.

Although full names appear on the outer envelope, the inner envelope should be addressed simply to “Mr. and Mrs. Jones.”

Young children’s names should appear on both the inner and outer envelopes beneath their parents’ names.

Children over 18 should receive their own invitations.

Instead of writing “and guest” on the outer envelopes, obtain the names of live-ins, fiancés and significant others and mail them a separate invitation.

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