Wedding Invitations – How to choose a font

With paper chosen, you’ll want to add the perfect font, or type style, to your invitation. It’s easy to be confused by the many font choices available, but a good rule to follow is to choose lettering that complements the formality of your celebration. Also note that a smaller sized invitation looks best with a more delicate font and that a simple font is easiest for guests to read.

Some couples choose two fonts: one for their names (printed slightly larger) and one for the rest of the invitation copy. If you choose a double font, select styles that complement each other.

When you envision the total look of your wedding invitation, remember that no more than 14 lines of wording is the recommended length, with the reception information included on a separate card. With more than 14 lines, the words can be crowded and more difficult to read. If you absolutely must have more than 14 lines, remember that black will be the most legible ink color for the smaller font size.  For an invitation that has more than 14 lines, a font that is darker and thicker will allow small type to be more legible.

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This Exclusively Weddings invitation uses two fonts so that the bride’s and groom’s names will stand out. Their names are in a different color from the body of the invitation.

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