Our Favorite Wedding Trends Making an Appearance in 2018

With the first day of spring behind us, wedding season is officially upon us! And as always, we’ve been sifting through the latest new trends to bring you our favorite ideas and tips for your big day!  Honeymoon Funds Okay, let’s face it. These days, most couples live together long before they say “I Do!” (sorry Grandma). So, the need for a brand-new blender or set of wine glasses may be a bit unnecessary since you probably already have these in [...]

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Countdown to the Big Day

Your Wedding Day is RIGHT around the corner, and besides getting butterflies every time you envision seeing your hubby at the end of the aisle, there’s no doubt you are also in a constant state of last-minute-planning panic. Girlfriend, you are NOT alone – and we are here to help. The good news is that even if you only have a few weeks left until your big day, there’s still plenty of time to iron out all of the [...]

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How to Be a Bridesmaid without Breaking the Bank

These days, being a bridesmaid involves way more than just standing by the bride’s side at the alter as she says her vows. From throwing engagement parties and showers to planning extravagant bachelorette trips (with the perfect mani/pedi required for all events, of course!), being a bridesmaid can and will take a toll on your wallet. Try these tips to save a few pennies where you can, while still making the time leading up to your bestie’s Big Day [...]


Wedding Invitation Etiquette 101

First, let’s get the easy questions out of the way. You totally don’t need to send Save the Dates at all – especially if you are still in doubt about your guest list. Believe it or not, some brides even use it as a tactic to deter some guests from attending and to keep the headcount down. Less warning = Estranged Aunt Susan who lives in Boca is that much less likely to make the trip. But if you [...]

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Our Favorite Top Trends for the Upcoming Wedding Season

Woodsy is the New Rustic Mason jars and burlap is out, but don’t worry, strung garden lanterns and natural wood décor is SO in, and you’re going to love it. Think cozy log cabin décor dropped in an enchanted forest – an especially perfect look for outdoor ceremonies. While there’s nothing wrong with pops of color, using more greenery in your centerpieces and bouquets will help your wedding have a classic appeal for years to come. Neutral greens and natural [...]

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Your Wedding, Your Way: Every Detail Counts

How many weddings did you attend last year that were exactly like the rest? Probably a few, considering 2.3 million couples in the United States get married every year. Using your creativity to put individual, unique touches can go a long way towards making your big day stand out – and we just don’t mean coming up with a clever #brangelina style hashtag. Let your personality really shine through with these tips:Don’t Be Cookie Cutter (with the Cake!) Gone are [...]

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Three Things We Can Learn from Meghan and Harry

The time leading up to your wedding day should be the happiest time of your life. The stress of planning, however, can easily put a damper on the romance of your big day. Don’t let it get to the point where you spend more time with your to-do list than your fiancé — take a page out of the newly-official Royal Couple’s book in order to enjoy every moment leading up to your day. Okay, so you may not *officially* [...]