Invitation Proof & Ordering Process

  1. Online Wording Preview

    When placing an order for most printed products you are able to preview the personalization on the item. The preview is NOT a final proof, but rather a digital image with your wording copied on the item you are ordering. The preview will be displayed using the font style(s) and ink color(s) you have chosen and then a professional typesetter will adjust the font size and spacing.

  2. Yes! Get A Proof

    During the personalization process select "Yes! I want a proof". Please provide a contact name and an email address for the proof to be sent. Add to your address book to ensure you receive our email. Ordering a proof will add an additional charge of $7.50 to your order subtotal for invitations and $5.00 for all other printed components.

  3. Wording Confirmation

    When your confirmation email is received, verify your alignment, ink color(s), and font style(s), as well as double-check for any spelling errors. The wording confirmation email is different from the preview and proof. The wording confirmation email will simply LIST the information you have entered without formatting the text on your invitation. If an error is found, please contact Customer Service by phone at 1(800)759-7666 or email by replying to your confirmation at

  4. Perfecting Your Individual Invitation

    Professional typesetters will receive the alignment, ink color(s), font style(s), and text you have entered and will make necessary adjustments to customize and perfect your wording on the invitation you have ordered. An email will be sent to you for each proof you have ordered.

  5. This Is It! View Your Personalized Stationery!

    A PDF file of your proof will be emailed to you within 4-6 business days after the order is placed. Please review the PDF proof to make sure the wording, formatting, sizing, and spelling are exactly what you have envisioned before you approve your proof.

  6. Approval & Ready To Print

    Once you have received your PDF proof(s) via email, it is important to respond with your approval for each item or request changes within 1 business day to ensure your personalized order is processed in a timely manner. If you would like to make changes, simply reply to the email containing the proof and provide specifics about the changes and/or corrections you are requesting. Upon receipt, our professional typesetters will revise your personalization and generate a second proof and email within 2-3 business days for your approval. You will incur no additional fees for requesting changes to be made to the proof.

  7. Arriving In The Mail

    When you are pleased with the personalization, please respond with your approval for each proof ordered. Confirm your name, order number, and that your order is approved. Once you have responded with your approval absolutely no other changes can be made to the personalization. The printing process will vary depending on the particular product as well as the time of year.