Matt Mitchell Named President of Pace E-Commerce

Pace E-Commerce, parent company of Exclusively Weddings, multi-channel retailer of wedding party gifts, favors, invitations and accessories, is pleased to announce that Matt Mitchell returns to the company to assume the position of President.

Greensboro, September 24, 2013 -- Matt Mitchell, who brings almost 20 years' of bridal industry expertise and marketing experience, returns to Pace E-Commerce to assume the position of President. He previously served as the company's marketing director (2005-2009) and he has been with the organization since 1994, except for a short break in 2010.

In 2010 Mitchell left the company to take the position of Sr. Director, E-Commerce for The Lampo Group (Dave Ramsey) in Brentwood, TN; however, when Bonnie McElveen-Hunter, CEO of Pace E-Commerce's parent company asked him to return to the company, he willingly accepted her offer. Mitchell states, "My body may have left for a while but my heart never did. I am truly excited to return to Pace E-Commerce to serve in a leadership capacity for a team of such incredibly bright and talented people."

Pace E-Commerce's core brand, Exclusively Weddings is a leading retailer of wedding party gifts, favors, invitations and accessories via its 116-page catalog and website. Mr. Mitchell goes on to say, "I feel that Exclusively Weddings is in a unique position to meet today's engaged couples right where they are. Today's bride and groom look much different than they did even a decade ago. They are looking for that mix of holding to tradition while at the same time making their wedding something of a statement about who they are as a couple."

Mr. Mitchell continues, "And the financial equation has changed, too. Today, three out of four couples are footing some or all of the bill for their weddings. Factor in growing student loan debt and the increasing costs of everyday life and it's easy to understand why paying for a wedding can be a real source of stress. That's why we're going to focus on great style and incredible value. We're creating a collection of wedding invitations, bridesmaids gifts, and everything else she needs for her wedding day that's beautiful, modern, expressive, and at a price point that is refreshingly affordable."

Mitchell earned a BA in Economics from Indiana University at Bloomington in 1991 and an MBA from the University of North Carolina at Greensboro in 2002.

About Exclusively Weddings
Pace E-commerce's flagship brand, Exclusively Weddings is a direct-to-consumer catalog and e-commerce website. The multi-channel retailer has been helping brides create the wedding of their dreams since 1992 by offering a wide array of wedding invitations, accessories, favors and gifts.